Speed increase solution for Segway miniPRO, Ninebot S and miniPLUS

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Speed increase solution for Segway miniPRO, Ninebot S and miniPLUS

Software solution to increase maximum speed to 23 km/h (with regular tires) to  25km/h with offroad or hybrid tires. Below are major features of the SwallowBot upgrade:

  • Increases maximum speed from 10 mph to 15mph or up to 18mph if you have M4M off road or M4M hybrid tires.
  • Removes annoying sounds and pushbacks in the cases of overspeed and/or overpower.
  • Removes speed limitation when the battery power gets under 10%.  You will still be able to enjoy full speed.
  • Allows you to downgrade Ninebot/Segway firmwares safe and fast.

This speed increase solution is made for Segway miniPRO, Ninebot S, miniPLUS and for Segway Kick-scooters ES1, ES2 and ES4.

The only thing to keep in mind.  You will not be able to use GoKart if you use SwallowBot. 

For Segway miniPRO and Ninebot S there are three solutions:

1. You can purchase replacement control board with SwallowBot pre-installed; 

2. You can purchase replacement base with all electronics, including control board with SwallowBot firmware pre-installed;

3. You can ship your machine to our service centers in Italy, Spain, France, Germany or Latvia and we will upload the SwallowBot Firmware on your machine.


  • Salva borras

    Hola estoy interesado en poder aumentar la velocidad de mi Segway mini pro, y me gustaría que me dierais información , gracias.

  • durval

    me interesa! cuanto cuesta¿?

  • Simone Proietti

    Buongiorno, dove si trova il vostro centro in Italia? Avete modo di poter inserire un’ulteriore batteria? Oppure poter cambiare la batteria portandone con se una ulteriore?

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