Woof IoT Kit for Ninebot Scooter Max G30, G30LE.

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Woof is a remote controller kit that can be installed on Ninebot Segway Max Kickscooters that turns kick scooter into remotely controlled IoT machine.  Woof IoT Kit is comparable with all Ninebot Max G30 Kick Scooter Models (G30, G30D, G30LE, G30LT, G30LP, etc).

Woof IoT Kit upgrades Ninebot Max G30 kick scooters with the following functions (depending on the service level):

  • Geo positioning;
  • Remote On/Off functions;
  • Geo fencing;
  • Remote Speed Control;
  • SMS controlled (workwide);
  • GPRS controlled (wordwide);
  • Performance functions control;
  • Remote scooter analytics;
  • Trip history;
  • etc.

Woof IoT Kit for Ninebot Max Kick Scooter Installation Video

Woof Installation instructions (pdf)