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There are many misconceptions and myths about the warranty for Ninebot Products. We would like to bring some clarify to this subject since many websites purposely hide information or misrepresent warranty information.

Ninebot Manufacturer’s warranty
 All Ninebot products are covered by Ninebot’s manufacturing warranty.   It states that Ninebot products are covered against manufacturer’s defects for a period of 1 year, with an exception of the battery, tire and the tube.   The battery is covered for 180 days (if charged at least once every 90 days).   Tires and tubes are covered for a period of 90 days.
The main challenge with the manufacturer’s warranty is provided by a company located in China. Our Ninebot colleagues do all they can to accommodate service requests from the United States but due to the time difference sometimes communication takes time.
Download Manufacturer Warranty Request for Ninebot Elite Products
Download Manufacturer Warranty Request for Ninebot One Products

Warranty Provided by Segway in the United States
 All legal sales of Ninebot products starting from January 2016 are channeled through Segway and its authorized dealers. Segway imports Ninebot products into the United States, inspects, tests and offers the warranty protection in the United States. 
The warranty terms are the same: 90 days for tires and tubes, 6 months for battery, 1 year for manufacturing defects.  Purchases from unauthorized dealers or the dealers that sell outside their territory are not covered by Segway’s warranty.
All service work is handled in the United States by US engineers at Segway or dealers trained by Segway.  It is a great advantage to the US customers.
Products sold at Ninebot Store are covered by Segway warranty and Ninebot Store service engineers are regularly in touch with Ninebot engineers.  If you have any problems with the Ninebot products purchased at Ninebot Store, please contact us and our service department technicians will try to help you.  If we cannot help you, we will elevate the case to the Segway  or to the Ninebot’s levels and will find a solution. 

Warranty Provided by “Grey e-Resellers”
Some websites that sell old Ninebot products they have imported before 2016.  As with any older product, they are more likely to break or have defects (see error 36 and 37 article).  The customers that purchase products from “grey e-resellers” should realize they are at the mercy of these “grey merchants”.  They may get a warranty for them or they may not.
If a grey merchant refuses to provide a warranty (some of them even mention the right of refusal on their website), you can contact Ninebot in China.  The risk is the starting date of the warranty.

Starting Date of the Warranty 
The starting date for the warranty depends on how you buy your product.  If you purchased a Ninebot product from Ninebot Store or Segway, the warranty starts from the day the product was shipped to you.  If warranty service is provided by Segway then the warranty date is re-set.
If you purchase your product from “grey e-merchants”, Craigslist, Alibaba, etc. the warranty may start from the day the Seller purchased the product from Ninebot and will not re-set.  We suggest to always ask about the starting date of the warranty coverage.

Ninebot Spare Parts
Segway distributes original Ninebot spare parts in the United States.  You can order original spare parts from or from another authorized dealer in the United States.  Usually authorized dealers can help you with the installation instructions as well.


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