November 10, 2021 1 min read

Apple AirTag is a great product.  It allow you to remotely track location of the airtag.  Airtag uses special Bluetooth frequency to automatically connect  to any apple product close by.  By connecting to many iphones, ipads, iwatches, etc airtag accurately self-positions itself.  

Airtag can connect to apple product within the range of 50meters.  It was a long debate how to use airtag with Ninebot kick scooters.  If you put airtag inside kick scooter connection range drops to 2-e meters and it makes airtag practically useless.  More4Motion has designed and made a special hook for Apple Airtag made from Bluetooth-friendly plastic. 

Ninebot Max G30/G30L Apple Airtag Hook

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