March 28, 2017 1 min read

Visually it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between original Ninebot miniPRO and its clones. Some unethical sellers even take advantage of customers or at least put "fog" on the topic.  Things are little easier in the United States because of UL certification but in the European Union we see many "locally manufactured" Ninebot. 

We have seen clones that are manufactures with very high quality standards and they can even be a little better then the original Ninebot.  For example, has no speed limitation, etc.   However, the Clients have rights to know if they purchase original product or not.  There is a very simple way to verity it by looking closer to the serial number sticker that should be attached to the box and to the machine.  Numbers should match.  Serial number gives vital information about the product and its authenticity. 

You can verify that you received a correct product by reading Ninebot label code that must be attached to the box, to the warranty card and to the units. The picture below explains how to decode the code.

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