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Ninebot S, swallowbot -

Swallowbot upgrade is now comparable with Ninebot GOKart.  Speed is increased up to 30km/h.

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For those Segway riders that like to go “just a little faster” and have a smoother, more enjoyable ride, the Swallowbot upgrade from More4Motion.com has been consistently offering a great way to go faster, further and more smoothly for some time now.  However recently, the miniPRO/S machines quit accepting the Swallowbot upgrade.

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miniPLUS, Repairs, swallowbot, Technical Support, upgrade -

Swallowbot upgrade solution for Segway miniPLUS and Ninebot S PLUS


Option 1: Remove Upgrade via WhatsApp: 
After you purchase the upgrade M4M will contact you within 24 hours to schedule remote upgrade support session. On average the process takes 5-10min. 
To use this option you need to have Android phone and WhatsApp. 

Option 2: Upgrade by M4M Local Partners: 
After you purchase the upgrade service, please check the link below to see M4M partner in your area. 

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Segway miniPRO, swallowbot, Technical Support -

M4M Swallowbot Partnership program.  Local M4M partners are the best way to receive professional service for M4M products and software solutions in your city!

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Segway miniPRO, swallowbot -

Video how to replace control board with M4M Control board with SwallowBot firmware pre-installed.

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