We offer remote video support services for all types of Ninebot Segway electric scooters and self-balancing scooters. Please select the type of scooter you need help with when making your reservation.

Yes, you can book technical support session to fix your Ninebot S, Ninebot S Plus, Ninebot S Max or Ninebot miniPRO.

You can always book out of warranty support session. If you obrain warranty case number from Segway we can provide warranty support as well.

During the video support session technician can suggest the right replacement spare part that needs to be purchased to fix your electric scooter or self-balancing vehicle.

For the first call to do the diagnostics we recommend to book 15min session. If you need then assistance with the part replacement, we suggest to book 30min or 45min session.

If, during the call, you learn that you need more face-to-face time with the technician, you can extend the session by purchasing more time.

If, during the video support, you decide that it is better to ship your electric scooter or self-balancing vehicle for in-person service, our technician can recommend a service center closer to you.