Extended Trolley Bar for Segway miniPRO Replacement

Extended Trolley Bar for Segway miniPRO

Tools Required: None


1. Make sure the miniPRO is powered off and the charger is not connected
2. Remove Knee Controlled Bar
3. Remove Top Cap for the Extended Troller Bar (Guide Bar Handle)
4. Tip the Steering Bar so the pin falls out (see picture below).

5. Carefully slide the Guide Bar assembly out of the Steering Bar (see picture below)

To disassemble the Guide Bar, slide the two pieces apart. 

NOTE:  Do not lose the spring and ball bearing. Use your finger to hold the ball as you slide the pieces apart. 


1. Put the spring in the hole with the ball on top as shown in (see picture below)

2. Slide the two Troller Bar pieces
3. Slide the Troller Bar assembly into the Steering Bar.
4. Place the pin through the upper-most hole in the outer sleeve of the Troller Bar assembly.

5. Continue to install in the reverse order.
You can get replacement troller bar here, please note troller bar comes with top cap attached.