Foot Pads (Foot Mats) Replacement in Segway miniPRO

Foot Pads Replacement Instructions

Tools Required: 2.5 mm hex wrench


  • Make sure the miniPRO is powered off and the charger is not c
  • Remove the following components:
    • Battery


Press the Power Button until all lights are off to discharge any power remaining in the miniPRO.

    • Steering Bar
    • Steering Assembly
    • Decorative Front Panel
    • Rear Decorative Panel
    • Using a 5 mm hex wrench, remove the eight fasteners (four per Foot Mat) shown in the picture below:

    • Remove the Foot Pads

To replace just the foam pad, flip the foot mat upside- down and carefully fold back the edge of the pad. Do this all the way around the pad until it pops out of the plastic frame. 


Install in the reverse order of removal. 

You can purchase replacement Foot Pads Here (please select RIGHT or LEFT)