Segway miniPRO / Ninebot S Repair Manual

At M4M we are happy to help Segway miniPRO owners.  You can always schedule a video support call with our technicians, schedule repair or for many problems you can follow easy step-by-step repair / replacement instructions.

This manual is not a substitute for Segway Technical Support.  If you need to get Segway Technical Support, please call 1(866)4 SEGWAY 1(866)4734929.

Please read and follow all safety notices.

  • Before replacing parts on the miniPRO, you must read and follow instructions and keep in mind warnings signs
  • When servicing a miniPRO on a raised surface please secure miniPRO so it cannot move and hurt you.
  • Before performing any work you must power off the miniPRO.
  • Stay away from batteries that are overheating, have strange odor, smoke, have broken plastic body.
  • Don’t use power wash to wash miniPRO.
  • miniPRO is not a submarine therefore do NOT submerge it under water.
  • Use safety glasses when working in miniPRO.
  • Failure to adhere to these warnings could lead to serious injury, death, fire, or damage to property.

General Safety Precautions

Error Codes and Solutions

Password Reset for Ninebot App

Segway miniPRO Fender Replacement

Segway miniPRO Battery Replacement

Knee controlled bar replacement and installation

Foam Bolster for Knee Controlled bar replacement

Top Cap for Extendable Guide Bar of the Knee Controlled Bar

Wheel/Motor Replacement