Segway miniPRO - Battery Replacement

Segway miniPRO Battery Replacement 


This component is not serviceable; if there is a problem with the battery it must be replaced.

When to Replace

Replace when troubleshooting determines that the battery is malfunctioning.

WARNING!  Always remove the battery before servicing the miniPRO. Failure to remove the battery could result in serious injury or death due to electric shock.

 WARNING! After removing the battery, press the power button to discharge any residual energy in the miniPRO. Failure to do so could result in serious bodily injury from electric shock.

WARNING! Do not allow any metallic object to touch the pins of the battery connector. Shorting these pins could result in a hazardous release of stored energy.

WARNING! Do not use the battery if the exterior wrap/covering is broken or if the battery emits an unusual odor, smoke, or excessive heat, or leaks any substance. Avoid contact with any substance seeping from the battery. Batteries contain toxic and corrosive materials that could cause serious injury. 


Tools Required: 3 mm hex wrench


Make sure the miniPRO is powered off and the charger is not connected to the power.

1. Tip the unit onto its front for easy access to the battery fasteners.

2. Using a 3 mm hex wrench, remove the four fasteners marked in the picture below.

3. Carefully remove the battery.

WARNING! Do not touch any internal electrical components until after you have pressed the Power Button to discharge the residual power. Failure to do so could result in serious bodily injury from electric shock.

4. Press the Power Button until all lights are off to discharge any power remaining in the miniPR


1. Verify that the silicone gasket is in place on the chassis .

2. Install in the reverse order of the removal process listed above.
3. Verify that the silicone cap is in place over the battery charge port.