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Ninebot S, Segway miniPRO, swallowbot -

SwallowBot firmware maximum speed based on battery charge levels.

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Segway miniPRO, swallowbot -

Video how to replace control board with M4M Control board with SwallowBot firmware pre-installed.

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Amazon, Handlebar, MiniPro Errors, Ninebot S, Off road, Repairs, Segway miniPRO, Technical Support -

Increase speed to 25km/h for Segway miniPRO, miniPLUS, Ninebot S and ES Kickscooter.  Simple solution that keeps you going faster.

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Handlebar, Segway miniPRO -

If you use Segway miniPRO or Segway miniLITE with handlebar you are aware that so called "self-balancing" feature does not work when you install a handlebar. 

We have developed and made a simple and elegant solution to bring self-balancing back.

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scout, Segway miniPRO -

By the popular demand we are glad to publish a video that shows step-by-step installation of M4M Scout Frame.

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